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Anticipated albums.. ( Who's ready to step up? )


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Has anyone else been disappointed lately? In my opinion, a lot of the bands

that were stepping up to the plate, hitting home runs and blowing away the

competition a decade ago are now becoming the ones getting outshined by

today's up-and-comers. Not that this is anything new, but does it have to

happen to so quickly to so many? So far, I've heard the latest from several

of my old favorites that I found to be uninspired letdowns. Does anyone

else agree with me? On a more positive note, has anyone heard any new

releases from your old favorite bands that were everything you hoped they'd

be? Who has a new release coming out that you have high expectations for?

Bring it...

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First of all, bands, you mean club music? The music around here is great Sometimes "bands" ( i see your point btw) go through a period of change where their is just no music around. I think you need to check the board and look around, there are tonsss of great music on this site just waiting to be picked up by someone. Honestly the music scene is not like it used to be, I might be young yea but it seemed like years ago new songs were coming out left and right but Im happy with the music out now and if your not git out!!!!!:cool:

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I agree completely. I got the latest from Depeche Mode, who are like one of

my all time favorites and there wasn't one song on there that blew me away

like anything on Violator did. Not even the single was that memorable. I

absolutely love Travis's new one, though. I think it's even better than

their last one. I sing "Sing" in my head all the time. I am really looking

forward to The Verve Pipe's new CD "Underneath" coming out. I've always liked what they'

ve done and I feel pretty confident that the new one going to be worth the

wait. I just went to http://www.thevervepipe.com for a sample of the new single

on there... so far, what I've heard sounds great, which is another reason

why I feel pretty confident that it's going to be a great CD.

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WHOAAA what the hell is going on in here??!?!?! Alll the guy was asking was an opinion and i gave it to him. THe music has not sucked in any way shape or form!!!!!! August has been a great month for vocals and so forth!!!!!!! Crisco, i don't kno what the heck your smoking lately dude..... :rolleyes: Anyways, Alliyah just died and this sucks.... she was a good singer

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bro...these damn promo's for these stupid bands have been going forever...

every two weeks...there's some new post...

"have you ever heard of trainwreck??? i heard them for the first time and let me tell you about them"...

it get's real f'ing annoying...come on now...i'm not the only one thinkin this...

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