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whats up folks? glad to see that this list is taking off.......

here are the email addy's of peeps that have replied and are on the list,

Kerts isLifeless, FNS112, VaDiMcHiK4u, Buddha1500, TwiN AngeL List, I beNt l, EN1222, ImTheMan011, AznStreak@msn.com, SkeemR4, TranceRxn112, Airatomic, DJHiroMuzik, JESx81, Sadelb, Treverselx2, DJenerate2, CaNNiBaSaS, ITz BrYz, PrincessLoLita79, CMM1177, CkDiesel64, SWAC24, pangelid@con2.com, GqSmuv58, AgassiA97, Big Art 17,I beat women up,MiKeD713,XBenxxDoex

sorry to all those that have yahoo or hotmail account, they wont accept large mp3 files............

lets keep this list going, add ur name here and lets start sending out some sick shit......


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Originally posted by exitheadzzz

lol when other people on this list decide to send shit ill send more, i already sent 2-3, see the same 3-4 people sending shit, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight i might bother....:rolleyes:

I'll hook it up tonigh or tomorrow tonight.

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once you get over 30 people...some users won't be able to send songs back...

some...like myself...can only send emails out to 30 or less names...

just keep that in mind...

what you could do is have 30 in the "to:" window... and have 30 others in the "bcc:" window...

reply to all only sends emails back to the "to:" window...right?? or am i wrong?

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Originally posted by pangelid

I just sent Tarantella, Lets Bounce and Into You to the mailing list....did everyone get it?


will someone please send pressure damnit!!!!!!!

yes yes, i know, pure cheddar, but I love my grilled cheese sandwhices

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