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AHHHHHHHHH!!! i need more songs...here's my problem...I only have about a gig left on my comp and i wanna keep it that way so my system runs smooth and does not lag...but i need more songs...the newest track i have is abigail - set me free(baez mix)...yes that's fairly new...i keep a list of all the songs i want that i can't have cuz of my friggin comp...if only my brother would delete all his rap songs...we have about 500 rap songs...that equeals like a gig or room maybe more...so neways neone have ne ideas as to what i should do???...well i have one...seeing that i'm only sixteen and currently unemployed(as of now)...i have absolutley no money whatsoever...except three dollars in change in my change dish...i might get lucky by talking my mother into buying me a new hard drive...one that's like 30-60 gigs...but that's still gonna be awhile even if i do talk her into it...and another problem is she pays for all my school clothes...she's given me about 250 dollars up to today(only been shopping twice)...because of that she'll say "wait till christmas honey, it's onlyt a few months away"...bullshit i need it now...besides i'm gonna ask for playsation 2(i know i know)..and i' gonna ask my dad for new turntables or maybe some remix stuff...and i saw all the stuff pangelid upped for me in locker 2...and i was practictly(spelling) drooling all over my keyboard...well since i'm talking your ear off maybe i should get to my point...what the f*** should i do ???

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