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Women launching to ISS


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This might not be the typical sex board topic but I was just reading that a Russian capsule has just docked with the International Space Station; and one of the crew members is a French astronaut-physician Claudie Haignere, who is not bad looking at all.

Now I was pondering, when they planned this trip, do they know what could go on up there. Being that they are 3 dudes up there all ready, alone for a good period of time? I mean, they have to put that in their planning, do they discuss it or just leave up to them to decide. It's just normal that some kind of "stuff" is going to happen.:hump:

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Originally posted by xxlea

What happens in Space, stays in Space!!

I know I wouldn't miss that opportunity to join the ULTIMATE mile high club!

I'll blame the lack of gravity for my actions.

very true, it would be funny hearing shit:

Mission control, hum, were going to be busy for a few so please leave us alone

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