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To clear up the Holiday Ball festivities...


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We currently throw the Friday night party at Float and we'd like to state that the second floor party will end at 10 PM and will begin again at 11 PM once the regular night party begins.

As far as the door policy is concerned, Float has a very strict door policy concerning this when the regular night begins. The early party that we booked for Clubplanet and NightClubCity will end at 10:30 so that we can prepare for our night as far as setting up the door and the club. Any early party that we have at Float always ends at 10:30. Because our doorman, Chris Willard will be hosting the holiday party for the internet message boards, people will be allowed to stay for the regular party once you're there already. People arriving for the holiday party should arrive before 10:30 to stay for the after-party.

The after-party will have music by Shawn Ink and Matt Masella on the main dance floor. Sponsored by Smirnoff Ice and a special grand opening celebration for Re:Quest Models and a birthday for their founder/model Lana Winters. Change of Heart will also be there to find new couples for their upcoming episodes.

Dress code should be deemed fit cause when the night opens up and the crowd isn't so well dressed, it will cause a problem with the club management, as well as us, the promoters.

So be dressed, no UFOs, jeans, sneakers, etc. Let's have some fun on Friday night and forget the drama.

For any more questions, please contact us at CliqueInc@aol.com

Thank you. Richie Romero . Alex Cordova & Jase . John Dimatteo

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