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Rico's Magical Woman

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Deep in the sleep he sees his door opening. In comes this beautiful woman.

Dressed in a bright red and white German outfit. She had a nice bow tied around her slender waist. She had long brown hair to the middle of her back. Her baby brown eyes glowed as she told Rico it was time to head to the stream. Rico rose and this woman guided him out the door and down this long hall way. She open the end door and saw this white horse. They mounted the

horse and it started to head down this mountain path. Rico was

wondering if this was real or just a wild dream. Down this large path and around the corner was a breath of beauty. The river flowing and on the hill was this wonderful magical castle. The woman told Rico that's the castle where he will experience something he never tried.

Soon the horse stopped and the woman got off and helped Rico dismount the horse. The walked to this huge wooden door. When it open you can hear the echo as you stepped on the massive wooden floors, floors that had railroad tie tacks to hold the thick shinny wood down. The furniture was in the 15th Century and all original. It was just a pretty site to see something like this. Heading down this long hallway Rico was lead into this room.

The room was a massive room where the king size bed was and the large canopy was covering the top of the bed. The fire place was glowing as the heat you can feel. You hear the crackling of the wood that was burning. Rico looked over and saw the woman. To his surprise she was stripped and her body

glisten in the light from the fireplace. Her tits were small and she

stood around 5 foot 8 inches. She had slender legs as she approached the bed. This woman motioned for Rico to come to the bed. She started slowly to strip Rico of his clothes. Rico felt a kiss by her. This kiss was soft as her lips pressed against his. She was adoring Rico body. It was slender as his legs were very muscular. He had long arms that would wrap around this

woman's body. He hugged her close as he felt the tongue slide deep inside Rico's mouth. The taste of this woman drove Rico over the sexual edge as he sucked on her wet tongue. Sucking the juices into his mouth as he swallowed her wet tongue juices. The woman began to slide her smooth hands down Rico's

bare chest as her hands met with is erected cock. Rico moaned as this woman knew how to handle a cock. Her hands wrapped around his cock and slide up and down. His precum was prevalent as her hands slipped up and down. Rico wanted to fuck her bad but she was making this a slow sexual encounter.

As she laid on the king size massive bed she spread her legs. Rico saw that she was shaved and her pussy appeared to be very wet. Rico saw this woman part her pussy lips and tell Rico to taste her. As Rico then got on his knees and brought his head to her pussy. He then tasted her pussy. Rico thought to himself how smooth and wonderful she was as he started to drag his

tongue slowly up and down her pussy. Rico would flicker her clit and then slide down tasting her insides and then down to her ass. She moaned out loud as Rico's tongue is giving her pleasure. She felt him start to drag his tongue from her ass back up her pussy, then she felt him start to tongue fuck her pussy. She started to buck and raise up and down to his licking. Rico

then licked her clit and started to flicker the sensitive ball of her

clit. This was sending this woman over the sexual edge as she bucked and quivered. She was moaning and twisting to his skillful tongue as she told Rico she was cumming. She leaked fluids out of her pussy as she tightened her body and cried out loud in pure pleasure. Then this woman in her German accent told Rico to fuck her.

Rico stood up with her wetness all over his mouth and took his hard cock to her pussy. He then slide his cock up and down on her sensitive clit as she cried out again and felt a suddenness surge inside her. Rico slide his cock feeling her warmth and wetness of her pussy as his cock tickled the pussy walls. Rico was sliding his cock in and out very slow. Standing at the

edge of the bed gave Rico the advantage to handle her. Her legs were wrapped around Rico's waist as he was pumping his cock in and out so slow. She was moving her hips to his movement, feeling his hard cock stimulate her insides. Rico then grabbed her hips and thrusted hard and deep inside her. Her eyes were wide open as her body quivered to his cock slamming in and out. She was moaning as his cock was sliding deep..very deep inside her

while he pulled her to him as he fucked her with his aggressive


The woman was breathing very heavy now as Rico was thrusting with force inside her and not letting her relax. She felt his cock hit a very sensitive spot inside her body sending her body to a quivering twisting sensation. She tensed up and closed her pussy muscles hard on his cock. Rico was trying to thrust hard but it was difficult as her pussy muscles were tight. Rico then

pulled on her hips making her thrust hard on his cock. She was

climaxing in a very hard way as she cried out in pleasure as Rico fucked her thru her orgasms. Her body was twisting and turning and she felt his cock pulse. She then felt hot sticky cum oozes out inside her pussy. Rico was draining his hard cock juices inside her as he slide in and out slowly. His cock was feeling wonderful as he stopped fucking this woman. Rico breathing heavy as

he kissed her tender lips. She thanked him for an exciting sexual


As Rico woke up the next day he wondering if the dream was real or just a typical wish. As he boarded the tour bus to go castle hunting the bus went down this mountain road and back up another. As it rounded the corner he saw the big beautiful white castle with the blue river. He saw a white horse at

the gate. As the bus drove by the entrance Rico took a double look. He saw the girl that was in his dream. The bus disappeared from the castle heading to another. Rico though "Was this Real?"

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