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  1. What exactly is cheating?

    What is your definition of cheating? What can be labeled as cheating? Is it to be sexually unfaithful.... Is it merely lying? Can lying be deemed cheating?
  2. Lap Dances...

    Well as I said its my opinion. I do agree with some of what you said wide and i disagree with some. And I just realized this thread took on a whole life of its own. We got from the topic of lapdancing=cheating to the definition of cheating. I would just like say that I dont think that lapdancing is cheating.
  3. Lap Dances...

    I think the concept of cheating varies on the relationships and the amount of time and trust involved. If a guy/girl wants to go get a lapdance its not cheating IMO. If he/she asks permission to go and he/she says no and he/she still goes, thats is not cheating. It may be WRONG or considered a lie on his part but not cheating. It all depends on how far the guy/girl goes. Just keep in mind that if you wouldnt feel comfy knowing your significant other is in the same position then it probably isnt right for you to be. Remember a lapdance should be kept at just that a LAPDANCE lap dance n. An erotic dance that a stripper performs while straddling a customer's lap. When groping or other foreplayish contacts become involved it can and IMO does cross the lines of cheating.
  4. We lost someone very dear to the music industry. WOW. Sometimes you just dont realize how fast time flies by. Until something like this happens. When the anniversary of someones death comes around you realize how dear we held them to our hearts and how much time has passed. It usually feels as if just yesterday they were right there with you. Sometimes just knowing that someone is on this earth gives you a sense of security or happiness that cant and wont be known till they are taken from you. So much time has passed. 2 years is a long time. Alot can happen within 2 years. You can meet the person of your dreams and be married, you could achieve a degree, or celebrate your childs first birthday. So lets remember how fast time passes and pay our respects to those we love and lost and those we love and have. RIP Aaliyah May God continue to bless her soul.
  5. This Is Freakin Awesome

    57 People read my post!
  6. Kylie

    My has she changed:) She has got some great legs. ANd her outfits are always guaranteed a tease.
  7. Whos Going?

    Just wondering which sexboarders will be showing face at the roxy this friday. I havent gone out in a while so I am kinda considering it.
  8. public sex

    As the Sex board i am surprised we havent made a trip to the vault yet. That would truelly be a Sex board Meat-up.
  9. Men's Rules...

    HAAHHAA! Very Funny. Its actually true. And its Kute how every rule on that list has a priority of 1.
  10. public sex

    HAHA! OTAY:drunk: You just told my fantasy right there. THe perfect setting is in a woodsy area daytime noonish, sun shining bright , me in a little summer address=easy access! Hood of the car Heavy down pour, both soak and wet and loving it! MMMMMMMMMMM
  11. While You Were Out....

    HI BITCH! I AM CHULA. Nice to meet you:)
  12. While You Were Out....

    BINGO! THANKS BITCH. HAHA! Its so weird typing Thanks Bitch.
  13. public sex

    Well my break for today has passed. But being as how I think we have the same hours on certain days of the week we might be able to arrange something Tiger.