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Plz Help!!!!!


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K, here's the deal...My bf and I broke up a few months ago (all his doing) and now he's callin me saying he's moving to Canada and he would like to see me before he goes. (Of course he does) Anyway, we scheduled for today...but I'm buggin about how I should act??? We had a loving relationship (or least I thought) and I'm still in love with him. I don't wanna be all up on his shit, but I don't want to lose out bc I may not see him for a loooong time.....WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!?!?!? :confused:

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play it by heart, and see what happends... with matters of this calibre there is no set game plane or strategy IMO. its either to get back together or for one last session, or just to say goodbye... its your call and youll only be able to find out once its over...

Good Luck Bebe!!! let me know what happends...

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a little late on a response, your probably gone to see him already, but if you have loved him before and still do it shouldn't be weird. Be yourself. Don't get all emotional either, cause us girls tend to do that and it doesnt help. Um it may be harder for you since you still love him, but be strong girl. I know its easier said than done....at least try;)

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