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I'm originally from Boston, but after a few years in the NYC area have lost touch with the scene here. Know that Avalon has a great sound system and brings in great DJs now and then, but is that place the only option? When I was younger, with a different set of tastes, I used to like the Middle East and T.T. the Bear's in Cambridge -- but of course those are venues of another genre. Will be back in Boston for the New Year and some weeks into January. Any recommendations for some clubs/lounges to check out? E.g., how's ManRay (on a non-S/M/Goth night), the Roxy, or the Rise parties?

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Hi Meta

There are alot of clubs in the Boston area other than Avalon. I used to go there alot but I don't go there anymore due to the fact that it gets way too crowded. Anyway..the Roxy is good on Saturday nights. In order to get into Rise you have to be a member or a member has to sponser you. If you can get in...it is a great time. As far as Man Ray...I have never been. I am not sure they ever have a regular club night.

I like Pravda. It used to be the Mercury Bar. It is right in the Alley. The music, people and vibe is great. Another great club is Tilt. It is in Saugus on Rt. 99. Both Friday and Sat. night are good and the DJ's spin house but I like Sat night better there. It is an older crowd and Manolo spins....(GREAT DJ)! Well thats my advice....have fun



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manray on saturday has disco in front and 80s pop in back. thursdays (thier gay night) has hardhouse in front and 80s pop in back.

i used to go religiously on wednesdays (endziet in the front room spun some great stuff) but i'm not a big fan of the current dj in front -- mostly trance and ebm. never liked the back room much. fridays are much of the same *shrug* other than that, i went on saturdays once, i wasnt very impressed, but it's not really my scene so i guess i cant say. *shrugs again*

if you're going to be around dec 28th, theres tym ryan at the roxy. thats gunna be a fun time.

if you're ever looking for a rock type thing to do, you might wanna check out Rocks! at the paradise on saturdays. heres the info for that :

its time to be rocked like a hurricane one last time before 2002.

no need to bust out those tight jeans and that BIG HAIR, just come

down to rocks! dont like 80s hair bands and their fansluts?

WELL SHAME ON YOU! but thats ok, 'cause we've got more than that.

we've got the rock spanning all decades from the who to ac/dc to

the pixies to nin to nirvana to manson to green day to blink 182

to system of a down. yep, david james and mike gioscia have got

it all. soooo, watchoo waitin for willis?

rocks, saturdays at the paradise. 21 plus. only 5 smackeroos.

email the supahstah DJs themselves at rocksdice@yahoo.com for more

info, questions, answers, career development and placement services,

new years diet tips, and they just might be able to help you with

that funky rash too.

hehe, uhh, anyhow, wherever you end up, have fun.

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