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What would YOU do??!!


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I'm in an interesting situation, I was with a girl for like 4 years and we have recently broken up, we did however have the best goddamn sex either of us had or has ever had. We broke up for a whole bunch of reasons but to get to the case and point she is with a new guy, (hes 8 years older and kinda a player , slept w' over 130 women)...anyway, Ive just been having my fun and dont want to get into any relationship b/c I dont want to hurt anybody.....to get to the point, my ex still wants to fuck but I dont really think its a good idea considering shes slep w' this guy w' no jammie....appreciate feedback...

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I would say Give her some loving she obviously misses you, or your wang. In either case you said it was the best sex you ever had, who are you to deny your pleasure and hers. Besides this guy (Mr. 130) As much knowledge and expertise he has with all those girls, he can't give it to your girl like you can. So do her for yourself, do her for the country, do her for humanity. Just do it :D

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