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where to get dub plates pressed?


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ok so I got some mp3s that I like but they don't do me much good on the computer. so how to get them turned into nice freash vinyl? I'm looking for someplace to send the mp3s to and get um pressed into wax + I'm gonna figure out how to record into mp3 format and would love to have some records of me flowing


does breakbeat science do this?

are they any good?

anyplace better?

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i know theres dubplate pressers avalible to buy but there real expensive, i seen this one put out by kingston its llike $5000..and im pretty sure it loses sound quality after 50-60 plays..depending on the material you press it with.

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burning it to cd is easy but argh copyrights, I'll save my rant on copyrights till later. Its to bad that artistic integrity tends to count less then big wads of cash.

speaking of wads of cash (checks pockets for a spare 5gs ... nope). Now all I need to find is a place to press them records with out taxing me like mad... well maybe not all I need since it sounds like I'm gonna have do some recording or something.

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