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Do you let your coworkers know how much of a freak you are?

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Okay so this girl at my job goes to hedonism, and we all know how that is there one big sex partay!!!:D

But anywayz she is discussing it in the office and telling everyone how she practically walked around naked the whole time she was there and she brought to many clothes with her :laugh:

Okay getting to the point she took pics and a lot of them were nude and she shows them around the office now mind you we work basically with all men :D! But I mean do you let your coworkers see your nude pics and hear of your sex stories?

I mean they think I am such an angel in work and I rather keep it that way ;)

I mean she is pretty much looked down upon now behind her back tho what do u guys think??

To let your coworkers know? or to not let your coworkers know?

That is the question.....

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Originally posted by klohe

I tell a few, some can figure out on their own...but most of them only wish they knew all the dirtiness running through my mind...;)

Yeah, I agree....maybe one or two people knowing your personal stuff isn't too bad....but most everything should be left outside the door before you walk into work.

*That goes for when you leave work too....don't bring it home with you.

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