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explain for me please

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to put it simply...ImO.......

sex~~~~just that,sex...goin through the motions. intercourse

fuck~~~well..i think there are different types...like just a crazy kinky basically whatever u want type deal....or can be a meaningless booty call type thing......examples.......a guy might say,"yea.i fucked her" ((u know..meaningless)) ooOOoOOr....

someone could say," we FUCKED our BRAINS out!!!!!!!!"

make love~~~something u do with someone special...has meaning....comes from the heart....<3

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Sex= You know what? I hate the term "having sex." I think it's so stilted. Anyway, I guess I would say that "sex" is basically just the physical act, intercourse, whatever.

Fucking= Pure animalistic lust; more often than not it's meaningless but that's not necessarily true (two people in love can still fuck each other senseless).

Originally posted by heretic909

making love = binding of souls

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