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Hey Bob Wattman, Still Dogging people ?

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Hey Bob - still shafting people around...You know you dogged me the last time I played for you...your angry little manager treated me like shit and that air conditioner you had blowing ice cold air on me in the middle of july gave me pneumonia and ALMOST killed me !...what started as such a great experience for me has left such a bad taste in my mouth and such a negative experience the second time around that Im still pissed. I did a good job for you Bob - and it didnt get me anywhere nor did it even afford me with a decent spot on my resume. You could have extracted alot more from my experience and skills that would have helped you in the long run but I was just a toss away dime a dozen dj to you...just for the record Bob when i come in to do an afternoon party from 4 to 7:30 or 8 for 100 bux - YOU DONT GET ME TO STAY ALL NIGHT TILL 2AM..stop taking advantage of people man...this is a drag even writing about it...later PS: stick with your drunk bum dj who leaves empty Jack Daniels bottles and scum in your nasty DJ Booth with all broken equipment..I cant be there to clean it all up for you anymore - Greg White

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