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Some G.I.JOE (The animated series) trivia for you G.I. Joe fans

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What was Dusty's real name on the old series?

In "G.I.JOE The Movie," Who did the voice of Golobulus? Who did the voice of Lieutenant Falcon?

What were the names of the three members of Sgt. Slaughter's little clique?

What was the first 5-episode movie the series had? What was the name of it?

What was Dial Tone's real name?

In the episode titled "Red Rocket's Glare," which Joe member's family was personally involved in the conflict?

In the episode "The Viper is coming," who was the Viper when he finally appeared?

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Originally posted by senorfern

Who was better:

Snake-Eyes or StormShadow?

If u thought the draper vs Jp debate created controversy. Wait till this one gets out there....I can see it now. 500 replies to the snake eyez stormshadow debate...This board is doomed

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