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Help me shop bluefly for a male friend...

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After breaking up with my b/f, I have more $$$ for other things... such as clothes for myself and gifts for my friends. One of my very good male friend's birthdays is coming up, and I want to get him something really nice. I can't afford to pay uncut designer pricetags, so I'm resorting to bluefly.com...

He likes Kenneth Cole (can be kinda "ghetto fab"), Prada, Diesel, Calvin Klein's expensive shit, and has a "Burberry side"... the London-y look w/dark turtlenecks, long coats, etc.

I'm thinking of maybe putting together a fresh outfit for his b-day... does anyone want to help me shop for him? Maybe suggest a certain sweater with a certain belt/pants, etc... he likes stuff tight 'n swanky.

Guys w/similar taste, what other designers would you recommend?

Ready to shop online,

~kitten >^.^<

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