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hella bored

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the warehouse


>>>>Shimmy Shakes Presents



>>>>Washington DC




>>>>aka Lunatic Calm (Whole 9 Yards UK, Fused and Bruised, UK,

>>>>releasedjs.com) For his first release in 2001 as Elite Force, sHack

>>>>(one half of Lunatic Calm) teamed up with Whole 9 Yards for the

>>>>gasoline alley EP. A huge hit within the DJ community; the EP crossed

>>>>over onto the broadest range of floors, with supporters ranging from

>>>>Laurent Garnier to Anthony Pappa, Orbital to Boy George. The EP flew

>>>>into the national breakbeat chart in DJ Mag at number one

>>>>consolidating Elite Force's reputation as a key player in the world

>>>>of breaks and beats. sHack had a large part in writing the Matrix

>>>>soundtrack and is an emerging force with in the tech-house/breaks

>>>>fraternity. This is a Valentine's set by a far too often overlooked

>>>>DJ not too miss.



>>>>(reflective.net, motionevents.com, Liquid Pop) Philadelphia's

>>>>breakbeat maestro is a DC favorite, and without a doubt one of the

>>>>most promising up-n-coming DJs around. His energetic and eclectic

>>>>sets touch on many styles and influences, often venturing into the

>>>>darker, twisted realms of nu-breaks and tech-funk, but he always

>>>>keeps it live with creative mixes and precision programming. With

>>>>mixtapes receiving glowing reviews in magazines such as URB, and a

>>>>continuing 3-year residency at Philly's premiere underground dance

>>>>club, Motion, Imri has proven he's one to watch.



>>>>(www.scratchtraxx.com, www.00bliss.com, DC) Tonight is also a special

>>>>CD Release party! Free copies of his new mix will be given away

>>>>throughout the night... make sure to get your hands on one! Smalls is

>>>>one of Washington DC's favorite breakbeat DJs. Known for his

>>>>technical and scratching ability, simply put, Smalls ROCKS the

>>>>dancefloor everywhere he plays. He is a genuine crowd pleaser no

>>>>matter where he goes and is quickly gaining a fan base and

>>>>recognition around the East Coast; from Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC to

>>>>Virginia. Headlining out of state events all over the East Coast has

>>>>gained Smalls the recognition he deserves. Don,t miss this

>>>>performance from the region's most favorable breakbeat crowd




>>>>(www.scratchtraxx.com) Rising up out of Baltimore, with numerous


>>>>at Shorty's (Feelgood's Bar), plus tons of air time on local radio

>>>>stations and from New York to DC, Michael is gaining momentum as one

>>>>of the region's hottest house DJs. He's recently fine tuned his

>>>>evolving style to a darker house sound.



>>>>(www.00bliss.com) This little woman has so much energy it rubs off on

>>>>everyone around her. When Jen is behind the turntables, it's hard not

>>>>to have fun... unless you're dead. Jen likes breakbeat, and breakbeat

>>>>likes Jen. They work well together. Believe you me us them everyone

>>>>that this DJ is a force to be reckoned with!



>>>>(Evolve Crew, DC) Mr. Lazee and Mr. Liquid will be closing our event

>>>>out. They have worked extra hard to not only support our scene of

>>>>dancers, but also the homeless of DC, and other worthy causes. Above

>>>>all else, they definitely put on a great show. These two are

>>>>DJs/Promoters we can always count on.



>>>>(sonickteam.com, Funk-A-Lot, DC) Formerly known as Chris Cox. He's

>>>>rocked the crowd at Fever, had a residency at Zodiac in York, played

>>>>all over Baltimore and now D.C. His music is a voyage through the

>>>>nastier side of nu-skool and break-step.



>>>>(Global House Radio) Shaun is an up and coming house DJ that is also

>>>>a host of a successful radio show. Global House Radio will be on

>>>>location doing a "taped for Broadcast" that will be aired on Feb 28th

>>>>on WEBR. Global House Radio is every Thursday from 6-8pm. Cox Cable

>>>>37, Comcast Cable 27, www.fcac.org/webr


>>>>$15 all night - CLUB W: 2122 24th Place NE Washington DC -

>>>>Secured parking available - Info: 703-623-7168


>>>>Directions: From north and east: Rt. 50 to New York Ave. Right onto

>>>>Bladensburg Rd. (at Checkers). 2nd left onto 24th place. Club W is on

>>>>the left. From south: 395 towards Baltimore, merge right onto New

>>>>York Ave. Left onto Bladensburg Rd. 2nd left onto 24th place. Club W

>>>>is on left. Any other points go to www.mapquest.com

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i've only been there once, that was on saturday. dirty but dope venue. decent sound. they need more money. but the music was tight. smalls on three tables. . .ohmahgawd he was ON. . .kept teasin it w/the third table. . .did some cragee tricks too

and stop replying w/all these pointless posts. . .i've got all night yo

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why dont you guys just go on IM or somethin', looks like Sunday night ur the only ones on CP...naw, but scratch did provide good info on the warehouse. I havent checked the place out, but i've been wanting to for quite some time.

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