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****OFFICIAL ROLL CALL - MIstress Barbara & Lisa [email protected]***

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Originally posted by raver_mania

Ok, OK, its a bit early but I thought I'd start this roll call early. I haven't been clubbing (real clubbing) in 3 weeks, so yeah, I'm really looking forward to this!

Who's in?

wtf? its only Monday raver.... pre-party at Malanee's starting tommorrow? :D

I'm in...I wouldnt miss Mistress Barbara even if I was married and my wife was in labor ;)

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Originally posted by Kuro

Just asking because most of my breaks are on CD and I wanted to know what kind of records to bring. I guess it'll be all tribal and techno.

is Brian gunna be there tommorrow? if he is, Kuro you better haul ass, cos u know that once he gets behind the decks you cant get him off

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