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lol... present.

Just check out www.shroomery.org for all your growing needs. Make sure to check out the mushroom cultivation forum.

My only tips would be to use the PF tek (technique) and to make sure you use a pressure cooker.

A kit may make it easier, but the only good kit that I know of is from sporechicks, and I heard they are becoming less responsible.

For spores use hawkseye.

All in all, for about $20 (+ a pressure cooker) you can get eveything you need to grow shrooms indefinetly, and it is pretty easy. Id say at least 80% have success and the rest lose it all to contamination.

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just to add to shroomy's post...the PF Tek (psiloscybe fanaticus) and variations work well. Even if you don't use the original PF Tek from www.fanaticus.com it is worth a read. Also the Hawks eye is good for exotic, hard to find strains, but PF sells a great, easy to grow strain for only $10/syringe. The most important thing is sterylization!!! as for the pressure cooker...I've had great results, and have never used a pressure cooker. buy some rubber gloves, a dust mask, and a can of lysol, and it should be fine.

www.shroomery.org has great teks including very good variations on the original PF tek, and great forums with some very experienced people posting regularly. Read all that you can before you start, and let as few people know as possible.

This all came to me in a dream i had...something about monkeys trying this.

P. S. Not to sound like Dad, but growing psilocybian mushrooms is illegal in the US.

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Originally posted by gambitrah

dont u had it when monkeys invade your dreams and tell u how to grow bud or boomers...and watch a cook make cid and e to and try it fresh from the 'oven'....


err yah...

:monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey:

fucking monkeys!!! good for nothing!!!

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