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DJ's: Realistically how much would you pay...


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Originally posted by apotheosis

to "burn" a vinyl? (15 min per side)

its way to expensive unless of course u have vestax vinyl cutter which is a few grand. aside from that unless ur getting quanity pressed atleast a few hundred it isnt worth it.

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why you gonna start cutting vinyl?

I was looking for a place to cut a small batch for me and my friends (you know like ten or so that way no one but us has that record) if I could find someone to do the plates for $100 a side and the records for a buck each ... that would be better then what I got so far

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Last I heard the unit was $5000.

I'm assuming blanks at this time will be at least $10-15 each.

Thus allowing a $15-20 markup if copies were sold for $30 (15 min per side = about $1.00 per minute)

So if people (like me) are willing to pay at least $30 a record, we're now looking at a minimum of pressing 250 times to recover basic cost.

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