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House 101

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i did that a few weeks ago...here's the tracklisting...

1) Goldtrix presents Andrea Brown - It's Love (Trippin)

2) Lexicon Avenue - From Dusk Till Dawn

3) Watkins - Black AM (King Unique Dirty Mix)

4) Jason Downs - Cherokee (John Creamer & Stephane K)

5) Science Dept. - Breathe (Lexicon Avenue Vox)

6) Katcha - Touched By God (Peace Division Mix)

7) Mantra feat. Lydia Rhodes - Away(John Creamer & Stephane K)

8) Bedrock - Voices (Saeed & Palash Breathless Mix)

9) Saints & Sinners - Peace (Humate Mix)

10) Lula - The Dj, The Music, And Me (Peace Division Vocal Mix)

i made it for my teacher(he's young)...and some kid in wld history...my teach said he liked it but not really his style...the kid said he really liked it and he never heard real house music...he called it techno though...that got me mad...completely dif. styles...

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Originally posted by wisdom

burn em some hip hop and say its house ... just to mess with em

ha ha then they'll be like listening to some hip hop and be like "thats my favorite house song"

i don't wanna waste my cd's on these pathetic little fools...

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