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A MarciD Original

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I toss and turn in my sleep,

Spending yet another dreamless night…

Sinking into the abyss

Of my lonely battered heart….

I feel myself to drift,

And start to float away…

Reality out of reach

The picture becomes fuzzy,

And my body feels week…

Like lightning flashes,

I am awoken, In my lovers arms

Safe at last..

Feeling the warmth of his touch,

And the silky skin that enraptures him

He caresses my face, lazily

As he awakes from loves crazy stuper….

I cling to him

To this being who has made my life complete

I close my eyes, sighing from relief

As his arm is wrapped tightly around me…

As I drift off to sleep, I remember

All the ways he’s looked at me

With nothing but love in his eyes…

And I remember,

All the words he’s said to me

His heart never within disguise

And I remember,

The feel of his body, and his soul

Melting into mine….

As it gets all hazy, and I feel myself drift…

Love, my love, where are you going?

I feel you leaving…

As I re-gain strength,

Once again….My eyes flutter open…

And there is nothing but darknes…

Love, my love

You’ve fooled me once again…

Love that was love, but that has never been.

Darkness surrounds me, as I try to fight it off

….But dare I see a ray of light

Dare I say it’s a glimmer of hope

Love, my love, your not lost,

Love, my love, your just not found


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