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New Red Sox owners fire Duquette

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By Howard Ulman, Associated Press, 02/28/02

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Dan Duquette was fired Thursday as general manager of the Boston Red Sox, less than 24 hours after the historic, hard-luck franchise was bought by new owners.

Mike Port, who had been an assistant to Duquette, was appointed the interim general manager.

In his eight-year tenure, Duquette grew to be one of the most polarizing figures in Boston sports, guiding the team with a robotic style that never quite clicked with the fans among the most passionate in baseball.

New owner John Henry, new team president Larry Lucchino and co-owner Tom Werner met with Duquette in Duquette's hotel to give him the news. Duquette scheduled a news conference for later Thursday.

"Things went very professionally," Lucchino said.

Duquette was absent on Wednesday when Henry and Lucchino leaned out of an office window at City of Palms Park and gave two thumbs up to reporters watching from the press box. They had just received the phone call from Boston telling them the deal was done, ending seven decades of ownership by the Yawkey family and its trust.

Duquette will continue to be paid through Jan. 26, 2004, Lucchino said.

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I knew this was coming! Woo Hoo!!

I'll never forgive Duquette for firing Jimmy Williams mid-season for NO GOOD REASON and replacing him with the freaking pitching coach! Way to take the Sox right the hell out of the playoff hunt!

Next on the chopping block... Joe Kerrighan (sp?). Stick the throwing baseballs buddy... we need a REAL manager!

Thanks for the info Vikki... maybe you should do sports center... you'd be a hell of a lot better than Linda Cohn!!

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Originally posted by nyis4meatheads


In that case, we can always hope the Yankees choke like they did this year!! :laugh::D

Ahhh typical Boston Red Sox response.....hope the other (i.e. New York) teams lose so they may have a chance to win for once.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Oh my I kill me


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