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Sex Maniac Melodies.....


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So what song really makes you wanna get it on? I mean...what makes you get all animalistic, orsuper duper passionate...orlovey dovey....You sex freaks get my drift....Here's my list in no order...

Nobody - Keith Sweat

If I ever Fall In Love - Shai

Moved by you - Evan and Jaron

Insatiable - Darren Hayes (new)

I Love You - Sarah McLachlan

Weak - SWV

If - Janet Jackson

Anytime, Anyplace - Janet Jackson

....I know there's more...like by Sade and a few others...but this what I can think of for now...


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lol sade IS sex music, great list marci... i definitely agree with shai- if i ever fall in love again (i was obsessed with this song!!), if- janet and swv- weak ... also:

texas- say what you want

sophie b hawkins- damn i wish i was your lover

mazzy star- fade into you

jamiroquai- little L

berlin- take my breath away (wtf is with all these mushy songs??)

tweet- oops

genuwine- pony (ahhhh the best for for slow freaky stuff :tongue: )

fiona apple- use me (cover of bill withers...sexxxy)

toni braxton- makin me high (can we say :cheese:??)

okay i'll think of more later

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