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Originally posted by mssabina

lol i've never been there, is it that bad?? maybe it's a good thing i'm not goin...?

It does not get the Marci Darci stamp of approval!

#1 - They don't have absolut :mad:

#2 - All the girls are bitches and all the men stare you down with their dark goggly eyes and give you the heebie jeebies! :worry:

#3 - The coffee sucks! Especially the Frappe's.....ughh...so gross!

I'd rather stay home and clip my toenails!

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Originally posted by gmccookny

Actually, im going to Turtle bay on 50th and 2nd Ave...

Anyone ever been there, going there, played with turtles there:confused:

i've been there... its aiight... nothing to rave about when I used to work at Bear,Stearns&Co... i used to go there all the time, all those bars opal, town crier, etc... all those bars in the 50's... nice looking crowd... have a great time!

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Originally posted by mssabina

supposed to go to some greek cafe in astoria called byzantios but i don't think thats gonna end up happening... so i'll be relaxin and saving my energy for carl cox tomorrow :D

its aiight... nothing special... some hot girls there though... but i dont think you really care about that...

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