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Hi everyone,

I just moved to Pa. from Cali and I can't seem to find any unique or decent clothing here to go dancing in. I'm look for club wear online -- or here in Pittsburgh if anyone knows a place -- that looks techy and edgy, not baggy (no UFO's or glowing tube tops please). Think Lithium and Paper-doll (not candy raver like. no offense, it's just not my style :rainbow: ). Thanks a bunch! :hat:

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I'm not familiar with PA's shopping scene, but for online club/raver clothes, check out www.karmaloop.com....I have had a lot of luck with that site....also www.mudsharkstreetwear.com.....www.nexussix.com

I'm also not into the candy raver thing...have had some luck with the sites I listed. Don't have a lot of options for real shopping in DC. Aside from my few trips to Toronto, I get most of my stuff online.

Hope that helps:)

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theres a crapload of stores on south street btwn 7th and 2nd: erogenous zone, guacamole, blondie, etc. there's also a store on 4th and bainbridge (down the street from 611 recods).

anthropologie is on 18 and walnut and theres a neiman marcus at king of prussia

i can't really help ya w/ online stores tho....

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