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so, i left work sick :puke: and went home and i turn on the TV and there';s Days. Now i haven't watched this in a long time so i am a lil lost. can anyone catch me up to speed?

ie... Sammie adn Austin are getting married!?

where did Carrie go?

and who's Philip Kiriakis's parents? victor and .... kate?

anyone? :confused: thanks!

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Originally posted by marcid21

Sorry doll...can't help ya there...I'm an ABC soaps kinda girl!;)

Besides...some of us actuallyhave to work.....:tongue:

oh well figured someone on here may watch. i haven't watched in 5 years myself bc i am usually doing the 9 to 5 grind.

k going to bed now. ugh being sick sucks :(

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Here's a quick recap, so to speak...

Austin and Carrie WERE married..Carrie cheated on Austin w/ Mike Horton...In the conflicts and confusion, Austion found out he was meant to be with Sammie...

Phillips parents are Victor and Kate, but they are seperated and and NOT getting back together. Phillip, is head over feet for a girl named Clhoey. She has a shady past due to neglect and abuse, but does know true love and happiness.

Belle is John and Marlena's daughter, as well as Clhoey's best friend...they share many secrets to love and like as well as to the true meaning of being alive.

Hope slept with John Black...OF COURSE, she was being Gina due to Stefano...(give me a fawking break) they thought they shared child, but John IS NOT the father. They have been raising someone else son for the lst 2 years, while Abe and Lexy have had Hope's son. Bo, is also not the father. So now there is this HUGE custody battle going on....Everyone loses in the end...

What else are you missing, so I can help you out??? It all depends on which storie you follow???

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