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Tring to hold on to those "influenced" thoughts

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When i started partying, I used to write alot of things down, thoughts, ideas, things I've learned.

Lately I've been going threw some papers and some of the thoughts dont seem to make sense anymore.

I wish I could retain all of those happy e feelings.

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Me too.

At a house party last weekend, I'd been planning on getting a couple people involved with me in trying to write poetry, just for fun. Like taking turns with the verses and then reading the story at the end to see what happened.

But then after the night started, I totally forgot about it!!! Imagine that :confused:

I've never written anything down while I was goin', but I spend the rest of the weekend thinking about not just what I thought while I was out, but trying to hold on to the style of perspective I had. I also try to think about it when I'm doing yoga or in the sauna at the gym. It's really worked out so far for me, and I feel it's changed my life for the better. It just takes a little bit of effort down time on a couple different days.

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