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chris fortier - bedrock 3

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i love the bedrock series (label too :)), and i can't wait til this comes out (where am i gonna download it to though, no more hard drive space??). here's a pre-release review:

A rough release date of mid to late April is scheduled for this latest chunk of the solid ‘progressive’ Bedrock sound, mixed with a passion and a twist by top US jock Chris Fortier. The ‘Compiled and Mixed’ series by the label are spot on and after all those breaks we see a return to the more traditional ‘Bedrock Sound’. Chris has 24 tracks here for you listeners, some exclusive, all in the now so desirable ‘cutting edge’ genre, he says of his CD, "...This mix was ever changing right up until we turned the record button off.†He has chosen tracks to represent all the styles he covers in his eclectic live DJ set, from ambient, tribal and progressive grooves to tough tech house this CD is vast.

CD1 contains the gem, (soon to be released by Deep Dish’s Yoshitoshi label), ‘Marscarter’ remixed recently by the classy Steve Porter & John Debo – sweet! The mix builds nicely and another favourite pops in later for a mix appearance, ‘The Drum Club Mix’ of Dearboy’s ‘Greyclouds’, first around in 1992. Old and new, borrowed and blue…

CD2 opens with some of Chris’ own label (Fade) productions among many others, (he is also working on a debut album titled Fade). Steve Porter & John Debo quickly return with their celebrated ‘Deported’ track featuring on CD2, (it was signed to ‘Bedrock’ before it was even finished!), plus there’s tonnes of exclusive and brand new tracks to hear making this CD very good value. Drums get heavy on CD2 be warned with the likes of Steve Porter’s new club hit ‘Nordica’ and Coco da Silva’s awesome ‘At Night’. It’s been well thought out by Chris and should do very well he ends the mix with one of his own instrumental productions, which makes his debut album look promising

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ooooohhh i just found a tracklisitng:


Universal Agents - Solomonic Agents

Jay Tripwire - Caught With My Pants Down

Blh3 - Marscater (Debo & Porter Remix)

Thomas Penton & Luis Dura - Control Factor (Justin Obrien & Jonathan Dub)

Choc Electrique - Edge Of Time (Illinton Mix)

Haris - Touched By Dub

Dearboy - Greyclouds (Drum Club Remix)

Hamel / Swain & Snell - Future (Mix One)

Ben Camp - Timewreck

Ben Camp - Timecrash (Mara Remix)

Meat Katie - My Little Dancing Girl

Sunscape & Chris Dee - Generik (Chab Remix)


Women Of Color - Elemental

Deep C & Randall Jones - The One

Kolo - Nova

Dan Morris & Shylock - Gasp

Steve Porter & John Debo - Deported (Mix 2)

Tszpun - Lost Language

Amani Vs Teapot - Wise Man Speaks

Steve Porter - Nordica

Coco daSilva - At Night

Graham & Porter - Two Days On Lansdowne

Angel Morales - Turn It Up (I-jack Remix)

Chris Fortier - Losing Wait (Instrumental)

Out April 15th (UK) TBC (Rest Of World)

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