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Vogue Was Inexcusable

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1st off......i thought classics night was a great night......nice blend of the old with the new.........in particular, the mix of deep kemical w/going through it, as well as the in the midnight hour with the tail of GTI..

but now my thoughts on Vogue

1) bad choice to throw that on........thought it killed the vibe

2) the CD skipped out of control

3) the CD was played again, and skipped yet again........

Someone tell me that wasnt JP in the booth during that track........

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im not gonna front like I was there...because I wasnt...everyone I knew was there.....they said after 8:30 JP was a dick and played NO GOOD CLASSICS...and that he ruined what could have been one of the best nights in SF history


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The music was really good when I got there around 6. As I was paying to get in I heard the end of GTI. Is this when he mixed it with Kemical? Cause I also heard GTI when I was leaving around 12:30. When I walked in I heard Things To Come, Awake, and Out of the Blue. But after around 8-8:30 the music just seemed to be so monotonous and there was no melodies in it or vocals and everyone just seemed to be standing still on the dance floor. It was like this until about 12 with the exception of Like A Prayer and Wonderland. The stage show during Wonderland was buggin me out so bad. Then finally around 12 he broke out Lustral which kind of made the place pick up again. Oh he also played Billie Jean with the Deborah Cox accapella. It was an okay night all in all, it seemed just like an average night at SF.

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jars of clay - flood


your love is taking me over

my love

paula cole


daft punk - alive

calderone - beat me harder/Give It Up

fly life with gti


all the luz trax

get up stand up


deep kemical with GTI


rhythm is a dancer

chris cargo - questions (mara)

so strong

angie stone


laid - no more games (rivera)





deb cox never knew accapella over billy jean beats

trippin - oris jay and goldtrix

music is my life



la la land

jet set

not right but its ok

out of the blue

16b mix of i wish u were here

C&K mix of mantra

gti again


..I heard MAYBE an hour of boring stuff and I was there from 4:30 til' 2:45

His track selection was amazing..

I've been waiting a long time to hear all those records played in SF again.. It will go down in history as one of my best clubbing experiences ever..

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I guess I actually forgot about a bunch of tracks cause I remember hearing a bunch from Tranza's list. I guess it just seemed like in between the good songs there was some boring stuff. I still had fun though.

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