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i put this up on another board:

hey cp people, i missed all you guys!!!!!

i've been away for a while, i've been trying to date again...it's not working out

guys go after me for my pussy and not for the long haul, so i'm back where i started

not that i expect a ring on my finger, but i'm lookin for a special someone who won't hurt me, whatever, it's all very frustrating

so so lonely~~~

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Originally posted by f0xyminx

i'm already in one situation where we just have sex and it's getting weird...so when i look for something serious, everything just goes wrong....guys are impossible


i feel you.....dating and wanting a relationship has just gotten soo fukin complicated and ....idk

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did my splurt of knowledge on the I Hate Men thread not give you hope?

it's ok girl - i know it's hard but it's the truth...

When you stop looking and trying to recruit someone for a relationship, is when you run across that special someone you were trying so hard to find.

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