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I still remember the first time I ever heard Sandstorm... I flipped for it, it really was a GREAT song. But, alas, that first time was OVER TWO YEARS AGO (pretty scary, huh?) I've probably heard it 7,000 times since then and every time I've liked it less and less and less... now I cringe when I hear it.

I've never followed a song so closely into commercialism... it's a weird ride. They freaking play it at Pats games constantly.. that's when you know a song is PLAYED THE FUCK OUT!!!

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Originally posted by kaydup

I am stuck here at god damn work. It is sooo nice out, I wanna leave. And now the damn radio that I am forced to listen to here is playing fing Sandstorm. OMG someone help me please:blown:

I have the same feeling as you right now. I am counting down ythe minutes until I am outta here. (53 to be exact ;))I took a cruise at lunch time w/my convertible top down and it was GREAT. I was not cold at all. The warm weather is almost here!:)

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