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Kaoss Korg Pad

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i have it hooked one to one side of my cd deck.

its got alot of phat sounds, but also alot of cheesey sounds.

including pans, flangers, whistles, whirls, echos, you name it.. it has it!

You literally touch the "pad" and move your finger across it to make the sound work

there are SIX pads and about 55 sounds in each bank.

select a bank, then select a sound, thats the only hard part to this piece, is that you have to memorize which sounds you like

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I have the 2nd generation Kaoss Pad built directly into my mixer [Korg KM-2] Its got a bunch of added features like BPM EFX, which are especially useful when mixing up songs that cannot be beatmatched. It also has sampler efx which I use now and then to put in short vocals. All in all its pretty much a cheaper version of the Pioneer EFX Box. The Pioneer has more professional efx in my opinion.

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