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need: hot girls to have sex with homeless men on camera


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ok heres the idea. a porno movie where instead of chicks getting fucked by the pool guy or the pizza man(no i dont mean the classic 80's flick loverboy,although i love that movie) they get fucked by real homeless people. heres what the first scene is like. this real professional women drives up to a red light and stops. shes like real horny but i havent thought of a reason why yet. ne way up comes a squeegee guy who is wearing a closed trenchcoat. he ask "can i do you" and the chick says yeah. squeegee man starts washing the window and the chick says "i like it real wet", then without the squeegee mans knowledge his coat opens, and the one eyed monster is unleashed, but he keeps wiping the window down. the chick watches his dirty manmeat swing between his legs as he wipes the windows and she cant help but touch herself. shes just loves his grizzled pubes and dried black stains on his skin like hes been rolled in the mud. ooh yeah she says as he smiles at her (minus some teeth) and blows him a kiss. then she...

you finish the story, im gonna go smoke some more, maybe ill be inspired.

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