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Phish on the Simpsons tonight!!!

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The episode that I've been highly anticipating is airing tonight.


The plot:

Homer gets prescribed marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Flanders opposes...in the end theres a pro-pot rally for the

de-criminalization of medical marijuana and Phish performs on stage.

I think this will be even better than the Guatemalan Chilli Pepper and the toad licking episodes.

Read all about it here:



Don't forget to record the show!!

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Originally posted by momadance

wow, a gadiel reference on clubplanet, who are you houseb4titties?

i like you already!

Dude I will get you the Number next time iom at my boys crib in NYC.

,m not sure if they will deliver to just anyone though cuz my boy met the messenger and got the number from him then they put all the numbers of costomers in a database so if the return # dont look familiar I dont know if they will call back , u can try, I will hook it up prolly monday

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I think the episode was so-so. I mean they made it seem that Homer had never smoked pot before when there was obvious usage in the past episodes.

Plus I expected to hear a little more from Phish...they didnt say anything.

It wasnt bad, but I think the episode would have been ALOT cooler if it was done 3 or 4 years ago.

The Guatemalan Chilli Pepper episode remains as my favorite.

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