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..The other night, while drunk as skunks :drunk: , my ex, a friend, and myself were having a conversation about sex and orgasms...

...of course the fact was brought up that I haven't had one...and then my ex shot a comment out something along the lines of..."Bro, tell me you didn't fall hard as hell for the first girl who made you cum...I mean really cum"...

...so I sat there, drunk and befuddled for just a minute...I'm like, ok...now I def know our four year relationship wasn't based on the fact that I was the first one to make him cum ((he first had sex when he was 18, and had his first orgasm with me when he was 21...the first time we had sex btw))

but it left me wondering how much of an impact your first jizz really had on you...I mean...I always say the true love of my life will be the man who makes me have my first {unassissted} orgasm..but with guys, is it the one who makes you come first that leaves the biggest impact?

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I think its the other way around...

The first chick I made cum had the biggest effect of my sex life...

because of the amount of unbelievable action that came as a direct result of hittin her button. :idea:

I was like damn, even girls in london gonna call me wicked and the effin govnah

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Guest bellaragazza
Originally posted by dgmodel

the first time i came, wasnt really big deal... (i was young and stupid, and was just doing it because everyone else was as well...) however id say the first time i made love is what left the biggest impact...

you're honestly one of the sweetest and most thoughtfull guys. :)

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