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Beer Flavored Nipples


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I just thought of the greatest thing that could ever happen to mankind. There would be no reason to ever leave your women for a night out with guys drinking beer. And I think she would like it too for you staying home at nights and not spending the rent money down at the local pub.

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Originally posted by blazinhot

Thats one of the weirdest things I've heard all weekend, but for some reason it makes sense.

I could definitely stay home and have a guy suck on my nipples all day!

Damn, I'd be hooking up a breast pump and getting my self drunk!

Ragga's always willing to lend a tongue...;)

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that's the worst thing that could ever happen to mankind.

Eventually you'd either get sick of the flavor and crave something else, or worse off what happens when the titties pass the "drink by" date and the beer gets skunked?

Then you have skunked titties and I DONT TOUCH SKUNKED TITTIES.:cool:

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Originally posted by phatman


:phatman adjusts all clocks and watches as he is still an hour behind:

The nipple flavored beer just wouldn't be the same. And for as far as titties going skunk, I am talking about a perfect world here. And in a perfect world beer never goes skunk. EVER!! And it would also be possible to get whatever flavor you want, go find an Irish chick, drink guinness, trailor park white trash, drink Pabst, Japanese girl, Kirin Ichiban. Dutch titties, Heineken.

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