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Boston Marathon


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hey boston peeps,

I'll be back this weekend, and im like 80% sure that i am sticking around for Marathon Monday next week. :letsgo: Is anyone else banging into work and partying on Boylston street? prost.gif and if so, where do you go?

Almost every year my friends and I end up at Dads. (probably the only time i will step foot in there ;)

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Unfortunately, I'll most likely be working on Marathon Monday :(

But, I'm going to have to go in this Saturday, and they said they'd do something to make it up to us. Now, this most likely means they'll do something lame like buy us dinner, but I'm going to see if I can work getting Monday off.... yeah, wouldn't count on that happening!!

Last year I was able to go and Jackie, myself and a few friends hung out at The White Star. We got a table outside and watched all the runners come in off the finish line while we drank beer after beer (God I love that!) It was pretty fun, the drinks were good, Harpoon was running a promotion and best of all NO COVER!

(Side-note to this story, we only went to White Star because one of Jackie's friend's sister was throwing a party for her girlfriend who ran in the marathon. Since it was a party for her SISTER's GIRLFRIEND you can imagine how the crowd was:D But I will say, it was definitely fun! Those chicks knew how to throw 'em back! prost.gif )

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