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Digweeds new CD....


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Originally posted by vicman

From xpander:

Digweed - MMII

John Digweeds new CD is called MMII (as in 2002) with a US release date of June 4th. More info soon.

I can just see a whole bunch of us checking AG to see if its there already.

Let me know when you see it vic.

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Paul Oakenfold's new album: Bunkka

After years of playing the best spots in the world, releasing successful mix compilations, running the Perfecto label and pioneering the borders of electronic dance music, Paul Oakenfold is a man with a vision and a mission. Although his moves were not always easy decisions, it eventually has brought his name and brand everywhere in the world. He recently won an award for best International DJ at the Dancestar Awards USA in Miami.

After a booming career as a DJ and producer, Oakenfold is finally ready to release his first solo album. A galaxy of music stars, including Nelly Furtado, Perry Farrell, Ice Cube, and Tricky, have lent their vocal talents to the "Bunkka" album. The album will be released on Perfecto/Maverick on June 18. We already got our hands on "Ready Steady Go" (vocals: Asher D from So Solid Crew) and it's really good!! It's a cross-over mix between the Chemical Brothers, Timo Maas and eeh ... Fatboy Slim?

Tracklisting: 1. "Ready Steady Go" (vocals: Asher D) 2. "Southern Sun" (vocals: Carla Werner) 3. "Time of Your Life" (vocals: Perry Farrell) 4. "Hypnotised" (vocals: Tiff Lacey) 5. "Zoo York" 6. "Nixon's Spirit" (vocals: Hunter S. Thompson) 7. "Hold Your Hand" (vocals: Emiliana Torrini) 8. "Starry Eyed Surprise" (vocals: Shifty Shellshock) 9. "Get Em Up" (vocals: Ice Cube) 10. "Motion" (vocals: Grant Lee Philips) 11. "The Harder They Come" (vocals: Nelly Furtado and Tricky)

Oakenfold only has a handful of U.S. tour dates lined up, several of which will also feature the Chemical Brothers and Sasha and Digweed. Oakenfold is also the headline DJ on Moby's Area:One festival tour of North America. (07/04/02)

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Originally posted by MadamMillie

bunkka? like hunka bunka (ghetto guido place in jersey i've heard about)?

maybe in his next CD he'll re-mix the Oompa-oomp song from Willy Wonka, thats what I first thought when I saw the name of that track

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