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TMA-2 - Trip Report

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Posted September 27 - 10:00 AM

I had ordered some TMA-2 from a foreign supplier a few months ago and decided to give it a whirl this weekend. I dosed 40mg at around 6:45pm Friday night and sat down in front of the TV to await the results. Almost immediately, I got an alert. I am almost never able to distinguish between my own excitement or anxiety and initial effects of the drugs I am taking. However, this was unmistakable and very clearly related to the TMA-2. Over the course of 2 episodes of CSI, the initial effects started to grow and ended up about 2 hours later as an almost nervous ball of energy inside me while my exterior was very relaxed. In fact I was so relaxed that despite all the energy broiling inside, I didn't really have the motivation to get up and do anything. At around 8:15 my wife I went to our bedroom to hang out. Conversation flowed between the two of us (my wife did not dose), and I was able to listen to her talk about things that usually either bug me or that I have no patience for. Eventually we had a conversation about the telecom switch at her workplace which turned hilarious. Some manual she had been reading said that doing such and such in the call tree invoked vector processing. All I could think of was that the switch was multiplying matrices or something for no good reason before connecting the call to the appropriate queue. I started laughing and said "Quick, find the eigenvalues of this 4x4" which made my wife laugh at me (not with me). By this time it was probably around 10:30 and I still not have any indication that this was going to turn out well. The effects had not changed at all for a couple of hours and I had pretty much written this one off as a dud.

My wife and I tried the obligatory sexual activity, which turned out mediocre at best. It was slightly different, but not too much; it was good but not great and not worse than usual. In fact the only thing really out of the ordinary was that near my orgasm I got into very light psychedelic thought patterns, but they disappeared quickly and only served to reinforce my thoughts that this was a nonstarter. After sex, we turned the lights off and my wife drifted off to sleep.

I, however, was wide awake with nothing to do. I tried laying there with my eyes closed to see if my thoughts would travel deeper into psychedelia with not too much success. I got up to my computer, put headphones on and started playing Thornley's "Easy Come". BAM! Now I was getting somewhere. After over 4 hours of wait time, I was finally transported to somewhere interesting.

Throughout the trip, visuals (open or closed eye) never materialized. However, music was incredible. The first time though the song, the line which goes "I got the necessary tools..." grabbed my attention for some reason. I set Winamp on repeat, turned my monitor off and lied down on the bed with my eyes closed listening to the song play. The sound was BIG and wide open like I was in an amphiteater or something. The opening guitar riffs began to sound like power tools on a work site. Not literally, of course, but because those lyrics had grabbed my mind I started associating various instruments with construction-type activity. It was like the song started up with a couple of people powering on a circular saw (or something similar). The drums became hammers or pile drivers and the bass guitar drove the entire symphony. The music was deliciously syncopated and the song as a whole was just rippin' through my head. I must have listened to that song a dozen times before I realized that I should try other things to see if other music was as enticing.

I tuned Winamp to a shoutcast server streaming Trance and again turned the monitor off and lay on the bed listening. Again, the sound was huge, but this time was more like loudpseakers all around me as if I were in a nightclub. My wife and I used to go to an after-hours club that catered to the Ecstasy crowd. We would do our X there and the music would just drive us to the point that dancing was almost involuntary. This was almost the same kind of feeling without the need to dance. It was a more hypnotic feeling, like I was totally content to drift off into another world with the music. The more I listened the deeper I got into the music until I was almost detatched from my body. There was only my brain in this wide open space and music all around me. It was exceedingly pleasant and completely cancelled out the nervous energy I had all evening. Up to this point I was planning on giving away the remainder of the TMA-2, but was beginning to have second thoughts.

I don't know how long I spent swimming in the incredible sounds, but after some time I decided I was drowsy enough and relaxed enough to get some sleep. When I got up to my computer I realized that there were some pretty extreme spatial distortions. Everything was stretched vertically, but not horizontally. Rather than square, my monitor was rectangular and my mouse was moving much farther up and down than I expected it to. My keyboard seemed to be stretched and almost trapezoid shaped. I dinked around on the computer for a few minutes to check out the distortions and then went back to bed.

Throughout the night I woke up several times and played the Thornley song again and again. It was never quite as good as the first set, but was still really nice. My wife and I woke up (actually our daughter woke us up) at around 6am. I still had some remnants of the energy inside, but it was tolerable. I didn't feel tired or drained and surprisingly enough, never felt that way until Saturday evening befoe we went to bed. The nervous energy eventually subsided around noon, I think and I had no hangover or other residual effects all weekend.

The more I thought about it, the more I really liked this chemical. Like I said, I had planned on ditching the rest of it, but now I don't want to do that at all. In fact, I'm almost inclined to buy more to keep on hand just in case. I would be interested in trying this at a concert or nightclub to see if that big open-air sound is the same or better. However, the very relaxing effects may make that less enjoyable than listening to music through headphones and doing nothing. I'd also like to try different types of music and see how they grab me. I suspect that any kind of music I like would be fantastic. I don't know when, but I am certainly planning on doing this one again.

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Posted September 27 - 06:18 PM

bro youre doing drugs and you have a daughter in the house.....you gotta be kidding me

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Posted September 28 - 07:58 AM

bro youre doing drugs and you have a daughter in the house.....you gotta be kidding me

The insanity of drug addiction

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Posted September 28 - 12:32 PM

bro youre doing drugs and you have a daughter in the house.....you gotta be kidding me

"you cant smoke your life away, drink your life away...cuz ur seed turns out the same way"...take notes

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Posted October 12 - 09:31 AM

scary thought. I remember how i felt, the first time i realized that my godsisters husband was doing coke ...or when a realized a family freind of my aunts was a coke dealer.

makes u think. Alot of people stuck witht heir drug addictions from the 70's but they jsut hide it very well.