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  1. And thats how it SHOULD be.It shouldnt just be about these corrupted bottle service whore houses and small douche-bag places the size of public bathrooms....but I digress. ROXY...Although there is word that there are people behind the scenes working to get Roxy reopen (WHICH I TRULY WANNA BELIEVE WILL HAPPEN) there is no certainty of whether or not it WILL happen.I hope everything works out there. Twilo is another one.Options people Options,thats what this blasted city needs.And we aint got it
  2. EXACTLY str8 clubs are the big problem in NYC not gay clubs.Pacha was shut down because of all the little str8 crackheads.You know why Splash hasnt got shut down?Because They havent had a single violation in the past 2-3 yrs.Dont blame the gay community for your own stupidity.Its all you dumb bridge and tunnel str8 douche-bags and all the other pathetic str8 losers who have the problem.Not gay folks.Str8 clubs are well known for violence,underage drinking(since yall cant resist on letting underage little girls in and the little boys who follow them)(What ever happened to 21 means 21),drugs,pick-pocketers,and just str8 up trashy bimbos,skanks,and douche-bag str8 boys.Gays dont fuck up the way you str8s do.So take your homophobic crackheaded ass and go jump in front of the D train,rbert.Ohh yea and the way you str8 douches tweak over Boris,Jonathan Peters,and Victor Calderon...You would think there is no other DJ/producer in the world other than those three when it comes to Pacha.These are the same guys who play 16-18 hour sets for the str8 drughead crowd.Clubs in NYC dont need to stay open past 6-7am.Pacha stays open til between 10am & 12noon on many occasions.Since when is it ok for a club that size to do afterhours in this city? Pacha is nothing but a glamorized drug den and whore house (for str8 people of course).Between your shitty tired bottle service and drugs it all comes down to these 4 words... STR8 PEOPLE RUINED NIGHTLIFE But we gays have to pay for the fuck-ups of the typical self-centered,narcissistic,superficial,pretentious,pompous,Heterosexuals. P.S. Pacha doesnt serve the gay community so you are pointing the finger at the wrong people for Pacha being shut down,you pathetic little loser. If you look back over the course of the last 2-3 yrs.Here is the pattern.Club Spirit was shut down due to underage drinking and violence (mainly from their str8 saturday night hiphop party) Gays were served at Spirit on Sunday,I found out that the Sunday night gay party wasnt the problem it was the str8 trance/techno friday night party and the str8 hiphop saturday night party.So who else is to blame other than str8 people Crobar didnt serve the gays (other than Alegria,which was only around a small hand-full of times on a Sunday nite during the course of a year) Most nights Crobar was shutdown was when there was no alegria at all.From what I found out Crobar had a problem with violence,underage-drinking,and drugs.So they cleaned up all together and became the next worse thing (A bottle service whore house) But they still do alegria there,have they been shut down since then?HELL NO Roxy which was well known for its Saturday night gay house party.Had a few problems with the str8 hiphop nights (typical) has had its fair share of problems with underage drinking and drugs,but then tightened their belts on it.They were shut down due to redevelopment and a condo,which never happened.There might be a slight chance for their return (but only slight) Stereo (the real club on west 33rd,not the bottle service hiphop str8 club which was shut down due to violence.a shoot out) was unfortunately shut down due to plans to redevelop the area. If you look back,its mainly the str8 clubs shut down for drugs,violence,underage drinking. Get pissy wit me all you want (which is all you str8 folks are good at) but the truth is the truth,its your fault NY nightlife sucks,not ours.Im callin it as it is
  3. Beatport OUT Masterbeat IN

    Umm have you actually been to the site since it was re-invented?Most likely NOT.Just admit you wont use the site because it was created by a gay man.You homophobic bastard!!! If you have been there recently you would have realized,aside from the different layout and set-up,the site really aint that much different from beatport. NEXT!!!
  4. Jr @ Cielo Sunday

    God you are really somethin' screwy.Calling names out on a forum board,and to think I sit and ponder why Gays still get oppressed by society.Yall answered my question.WOW!!!Yall cant even treat other people with an ounce of respect,how the fuck can you expect other people to give a rats ass about your feelings?(If you have any AT ALL) Dumb BITCHES!!!
  5. Jr @ Cielo Sunday

    well he is a faggot i mean come on the bitch hides behind a fuckin screen name all day and disrespects people,he did that to somebody in person he would get gay bashed with out question.probably even murdered.Miserable queer!!!!
  6. Jr @ Cielo Sunday

    Just found out Peter Rauhofer was at Junior's freedom party at Cielo,its nice to see that those 2 have no drama with one another.Its these goddamn bitch ass faggot queens that always gotta pop off at the mouth and start drama.Them queens all deserve to be shot and dragged to the middle of the goddamn New York State thruway.They all just need to SHUT THE FUCK UP and leave Junior alone.He did nothing to yall.But if it were up to me u'd all be pickin ur teeth up off the sidewalk.All dat bullshit yall be talkin
  7. Jr @ Cielo Sunday

    Donald fuck,you will get hit by a random black 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and its stand-up wreath and crest will get lodged into your scrawny crack-whore ass and it will drag you 30 yards up the road at 45mph.I have ways of making that happen.:devil::flame:
  8. Junior Vasquez

    Quit being a fucked up queer and get a life,get a job,and get on your knees and beg your mother's forgiveness.While your at it stop by St. Patrick's Cathedral and get some help already.Cuz you need Jesus or the exorcist. Go ahead and come back at me with one of your miserable weak childish bitchy insults and BE ON YOUR WAY!!! I refuse to even remotely associate with miserable lonely homos. Have a good nite and go jump in front of the D train or something.
  9. NYC - The Perfect weekend

    Ok first off,House Music is universal and when it started out it was a black and latino thing,mostly in the gay community,its not just white get that str8 and act like you know.Stop bringing the segregating attitudes on to these forums board goddamn you.Btw in case you havent noticed alot of these little white boys and girls from these little suburban towns are listening to hiphop/rap these days.Since you know so much about what race listens to what music,explain that?
  10. NYC - The Perfect weekend

    If that is the case,then he is quite ignorant,let alone sounding a bit racist.Its one thing to not care for house music,if you're into your little trance and techno,thats fine,but to put a race/color label on house music,you need to be bitch slapped.Speaking generally of course.BTW I have been to one of Armin Van Buuren's gigs and quite frankly i could give a rats ass about that kind of music,people werent dancing they were just jumpin up and down with their hands in the air like they were at some kind of rock concert.NO THANK YOU!!! HOUSE MUSIC ALL THE WAY
  11. Junior Vasquez

    Donaldm is a C U Next Tuesday need I say more? The bitch say what ever she wants Aint hurtin my feelings LOL
  12. Junior Vasquez

    donaldm has got alot of nerve talkin about hustler parties attracting "old fart men".Isnt he over the age of 45 or some shit? LOL guess I got my laugh for the morning before final exams today lol
  13. NY Clubs near 57th and 8th near Providence?

    The ol' folks home "jammin to the oldies" you people need to stop complaining about young crowds in clubs and get over it,if you cannot handle it then stay the fuck home.Every forum board I go on you people are bitchin and moanin about the young crowds in places.Yall ever think maybe you are getting to old for the club scene if the crowd is younger than you in alot of places? Stick to the bars,pubs and taverns if you got a problem with young people.Now I bet some old fool is gonna get on here and bitch at me for being brutally honest.Jesus Christ,Mary and Joseph, like I need this aggravation.
  14. Junior Vasquez

    The way these fucked-up queens talk all this bullshit about Junior Vasquez,you'd think the guy raped and murdered their mothers for Christ sake. Jesus Christ,Mary and Joseph.They all need to get a life and take the big ol' stick outta their asses.
  15. Junior Vasquez

    Actually I like him,but he is not the only DJ I like,I have a long list of DJs I like.Thats how much I love my House Music