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  1. um ya

    get we get clubnyc back?
  2. Who do you miss?????

    clubbingirl wow! blast from the past>> like a reverse k hole.
  3. seems like mummers of a vibe are around tunnel heads? twilo s&D, Palladium, paradise garage. someone find me some music... not in madison sq garden plureeeeeez :club: :where have you gone?:
  4. wow... last time here was twilo days... 99
  5. have not posted here since 99.... must be djs from miami in town. ne1? :dance:
  6. Track ID please

    need longer sample? http://www.butterflyfund.com/Temp/songid3.mp3 New to the Board my ass
  7. Track ID please

    http://www.butterflyfund.com/Temp/songid2.wav thanks
  8. Track ID Please

    http://www.butterflyfund.com/Temp/soungid.wav love it
  9. Mauro Picotto Info

    IMO Mauro Picotto is the best dj alive... I still havnt seem him live..... Looking to go to Avalon for the first time.... What can i expect? What time will he end his set? Is there any way to get into the VIP room? Whats the door like? Its been a whie since ive been out... Used to so S&D at Twilo religously.... may head over to crobar for S&D afterhours (iis ther one?) thanx of the info jb
  10. Back in NYC

    Hey guys , have been living in Chicago, and San Francisco since 99 and just moved back to NYC last week. Is there anything at all going on here? I left during the haydays of Twilo, and I already know its all dead. Im just sick of hearing it, so please if your going to reply, be positive.... I saw Digweed at Centro-fly recently and was pretty impressed by the vibe... What club / nights are playing that style of hard progressive breaks? What clubs do you guys reccomend I check out? Chicao and SF was all house house hosue, so id rather try something with a little NY style... djb
  11. san fran clubs

    Seb will be at sno-drift name of the other club id endup jay email me if you wanna hook up - [email protected]
  12. san fran clubs

    Seb Fontain Aug 6th u miss him by a day! Go to the end-up, thats all i can reccomend.
  13. san fran clubs

    1015 sucks Ruby Sky is worse End-Up - good Thursday and Sunday DNA is ok on sat Sub Fontain will be spinning at Sno_drift next wednesday when are you comming in?
  14. Vegas Aug 7-11

    old-school twilo heads will be in vegas from 8/7 - 8/11 - anyone have info on guestlists or vip rooms? Party favor - Hook ups? We are staying at the Palms for a friends bachelor party.... Fear and loathing sytle ! [email protected] :D