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  1. Exit this Saturday Aug. 31st

    zeeker - thx..I was thinking along those lines..but I'd hate to be wrong since they're coming up from Philly..what a pain in the a**, but if they're as good looking as he says they are, then I guess its worth it..the 2 he was with last Saturday WERE that good looking - thats then only reason I'm even asking this question.. anyone ever try this at factory?? I would think it'd be a lot tougher there..
  2. Exit this Saturday Aug. 31st

    ok.thx for all the info everyone, but I still need to try to get some of these girls in for my friend..and judging from the ones I met already, they're knockouts ....but a little 'young"...does anyone have any ideas for me? PM me if you know anyone at the door and could help..my boy will take care of whoever helps him out....
  3. How has Exit been lately..I haven't been there in a while..I can't really say I've heard good things altely?? Also, does anyone there have any good hookups at the door there?..I have a friend that may need some help getting some hot/young girls in...PM me if ya can help out..
  4. Lot 61.....Last Night (Monday)

    my friends' exact words were "Lot61 Monday Night is Insane!"...