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  1. good to know my login still works and a few old timers still around..
  2. OLD Timers of CP

    wow i havent been on this board is ages
  3. any old timers...

    ayoooooo....havent been around here in months maybe a year or two.....what up peoples!!
  4. VA Tech shootings

    wow sick people out there
  5. http://www.imeem.com great site where you can create your own playlists...they have almost everything as far as music on here and u can also upload music on to it...pretty sweet
  6. Entourage...

    yea i agree..thats some rack shes working with
  7. Giants Stadium - 7/7/07 - Live Earth concert

    thats a pretty sweet lineup....i wonder how much tix are goin for
  8. Favorite Sushi Roll!

    i havent really tried alot of diff kinds of sush...but im a fan of the philadephia roll
  9. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    yea i agree....peter bailey would be another choice...the guy has some talent
  10. found something......... Belmar, D'Jais nearing deal on bar's violations Details of proposal to be announced at Feb. 28 meeting Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 02/15/07 BY ERIK LARSEN COASTAL MONMOUTH BUREAU BELMAR — A deal between the Borough Council and D'Jais, which was charged with eight violations of the town's alcoholic beverage control laws, could be agreed upon between both parties by the end of the month. While a special council meeting on the fate of D'Jais ended without a resolution on Tuesday night, Borough Attorney Karl Kemm said the governing body and the owners of D'Jais were "very close" to a compromise that would not cripple this landmark nightclub at the corner of Ocean and 18th avenues. A formal hearing before the council — acting in its capacity as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board — had been scheduled. However, just before the hearing was set to begin, D'Jais attorney David Stanziale asked the council for an informal discussion prior to the start of the hearing that would, potentially, lead to a settlement between Belmar and D'Jais. After Mayor Kenneth E. Pringle asked the council to consider the request, Councilman Barry Zimmerman asked for a motion to go into executive session. The council voted to do so and deliberated in private for several hours before Kemm made a proposal to Stanziale, who then consulted with his clients. The details of that agreement will not be made public until Feb. 28, when the council is next scheduled to meet with D'Jais and when the owners will have to make a decision as to whether they will accept the deal. If they don't, a hearing will be scheduled for March 6, and no further negotiations will be allowed at that time. "We're very close on the deal on the matter," Kemm said when the council reconvened in public session four hours after the start of its meeting Tuesday. As many as 60 people came to Tuesday's meeting, with the audience divided into two camps: One representing the borough's politically influential Belmar Homeowners Association and another representing employees and friends of D'Jais. As documented in a 19-page police report, four violations stem from a June 25 incident in which the bar is accused of two counts of engaging in or allowing a brawl on its premises and two counts of failure to contact the police over the incident. One count each of the same violations also were levied over a Sept. 2 fight there. The remaining two violations were for general nuisance complaints made against the bar between May 1 and Sept. 30, according to the report. If convicted of all the charges, D'Jais was facing a suspension of its license for as many as 160 days. Each penalty carries a possible license suspension of 10 to 30 days. Erik Larsen: (732) 643-4029 or [email protected]
  11. Hair Wax

    i used ice spiker and murrys pomade wax now my head is shaved
  12. *The Feel Sicky Thread*

    thanks sport
  13. *The Feel Sicky Thread*

    im tryin to get over a chest cold i had all week ahhhhhh