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  1. Top five spots in the NYC...Planning a trip

    Don't go to AER!!!!
  2. posture

    I agree with sleeping on your back. I used to sleep on my stomach which really contorts your spine and I ALWAYS slouched. Since I started sleeping on my back my posture has improved. Pilates may also help with your posture.
  3. diesel jeans

    It depends on your bulid too. Some of the cuts are very slim- for skinny boys.
  4. Stocking ?

    NOT nude colored. Black.
  5. SKIRTS - do you like them?

    Mostly prefer pants but I like pencil skirts.
  6. Sunless Tanners

    No, I don't have a base tan. I used to "lay out" but I haven't in about 6 or 7 years. So I don't ever get REALLY dark with self tanner but it beats my normal shade of pale.
  7. Sunless Tanners

    There is a good Lancome just for your face. It is a lotion with a subtle self tanner in it. You can use it without breaking out. Less expensive would be Loreal for the face. You can get it at any drug store.
  8. Sunless Tanners

    My face doesn't seem to get as dark either but I think I tend to wash my face a lot too so it comes off quicker.
  9. Sunless Tanners

    I'm sure they do get old though I don't ever remember seeing an expiration date.
  10. Sunless Tanners

    The Sally Hanson washes off in the shower?
  11. Sunless Tanners

    I think lotion because the tanner tends to dry out the skin anyway. If after you have your Perfect Tan working, you show a lot of spotchy uneven areas, go in the shower and exfoliate that off. It is best to start with a nice clean canvas Some weeks I use it and its 99% perfect but some weeks are not that good. I should have scraped off more of the old before applying the new.
  12. winter boots...

    I like the Danskos. I wear the clogs at work and they are very comfortable.
  13. henri bendel...

    No high rise for me. Low waist is so comfortable.
  14. corduroy pants

    In past years Gap has had boot cut cords. Last year I got a nice pair at Aeropostale of all places. They even came in long length for us leggier girls.
  15. Cowboy Boots

    No thanks.