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  1. yeah my boy just called me he said people are still outside and shit i wonder when he will stop
  2. Arc review

    is there any reviews for sunday night into monday morning. I was there friday night and it was sick. could not make to sundays party. work sucks.
  3. How come no ones talking about Vinyl's closing party??????? How is this weekend taking place Danny T spins Fri. Sat- Sun????
  4. What are people doing for presidents day weekend? Is Dt doing anything? I know usually he spins a set on sunday or something. I really shouldnt be going out considering WMC is around the corner, but oh well.
  5. Bad Boy Bill!!!!!

    is this still going on? Bad Boy Bill is good enough to bring my ass out of retirement
  6. NJ and all my fans

    ok well i can probably solve the question if this is really louie d. first i am going to see if louie on this board knows a few things. 1. what gym do you belong to. 2. if you get the gym right what highway is the gym off of. 3. what town does your parents live in? now if you answer those correct then guys its louie devito if
  7. Benzino Responds To Eminem Diss Track

    that is what i mean biggie is my favorite rapper of all time i never really got into tupacs shit i mean i grabbed some of his albums, but em is straight nasty you cant compare him to jay-z or nas cause them two been in the game and can flow, but if em stays with it which i am sure he will he will have the sam title nas and jay-z has in years to come. Also not many rappers can freestlye like em, pretty much i dont think there is anyone in the commercial business that can battle em. Underground i am sure there is someone possiable. I dont really listen to new hip hop no more only really old school shit, but i will buy someones album if they got skills. If any of you are into underground shit that is hot check out Non-Phixon cd shit is crazy some serious lyrics
  8. Benzino Responds To Eminem Diss Track

    i hope this post is joking we are talking about eminem and benzino seriously lets put it this way em best lyricist out
  9. when is limelight opening again? and when is deep dish going to be there
  10. Whats up with Danny T

    i think we know that the real be yourself party has ended
  11. i will def be there for that one what time you thinkk that party will go til
  12. Eminem Is So Gay...

    first of all eminem is the best lyrcsist out there right now his opinion is doing him well considering he sold the most copies international so you really cant say anything about him. he sold millions of copies in japan. yeah he may be a little harsh on some group, but who can beat him in a battle or ryhme the way he does nobody
  13. Who here has NOT met a CP poster?

    i have been on here for awhile and i havent met anyone and i am always in the city i wouldnt mind but i dont know well maybe someday
  14. fuckng terriable that shit is hilarious actually the whole game was lakers got handed that game but oh well kings just have to come back and take it from them bibby is bleeding and it isnt a foul lololololoool:laugh: