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  1. Ladies who don't like their men going to strip clubs.

    I don't care if my man goes to ssssstrip bars. I don't mind if goes with only his boys and not me. (guys NEED just GUY NIGHTS) I love it when he takes me. I like to wear short skirts and tube tops and get on the table with the strippers. (i don't do any stripping just money stuffing.) I like private rooms with my guy and the stripper. I like ordering a lap dance and making my man watch me and the stripper get a little dirty. If my man took another lady to a strip bar w/o me then I'd be annoyed. But I love my man, I trust him and I love making him hot as hell.
  2. Stupid Question...

    hmmm.....i'd consider it cheating. my boy and i we've got a deal. anything done outside of OUR relationship has to be discussed first, and in most cases video taped. (we're a little kinky) you gotta have trust, if i jst walked in and found him with someone else, guy or girl and we hadn't talked about who it was; that's cheating and his ass would be in deep shit. same rules for me, communication is key

    Him standing, holding me up, me pressed against a wall or shower wall. mmmmmm.....
  4. Sex or Drugs???

    SEX!!!! sex sex sex sex sex!!!! then maybe a fat bowl, then sex sex sex sex sex.
  5. me, my bf, and some guy.....

    My boyfriend is sexually very experimental. we've gotten it on with some of my girlfriends, and I REALLY want to go at it with him and one of his friends I find very attractive. I just don't know how to bring it up to my bf or his friend. my bf is a little possesive and while it was ok with another girl, i don't think he'll go for the guy thing. Any suggestions?
  6. How harmful is Coke compared to E's

    It's two so totally different experiences how can you even compare? I think Coke's much better though. MdMa releases tons of Seretonin into your brain (making you extatically happy) Cocaine release tons of Dopamine into your brain (making you feel like Wonderwoman or Superman whatever) I've never built up the tolerance to Coke that I have with E. It takes me 3 or 4 rolls to get my kicks with E, But with snow it's still just as "OH MY GOD" as it ever was.
  7. How much is too much coke?

    Too much Coke????? Is it even possible. I'm spoiled I think I've paid for my blow all of twice in the the past three years. I used to have quite the habit. (which is bad, I have a cyst in my left sinus from it) Coke is addictive but beating a habit is called "WILL POWER" we all, as humans have it, it's what separates us from the animals. Too much Coke is when you start to become an animal and lose that human quality of having the will power to say 'no I don't need that other rail' One other thing to remember with Coke. It affects your heart. In an 8 hours period I snorted 17 FAT rails up my nose. My heart rate was at 220bpm and I'm lucky it didn't explode or just give up. Be careful with Coke. I think it's one of the best out there but one of the most evil drugs too.
  8. What is ur drug of choice

    let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!! Oh I love Coke. Can't help it mmmmmm.....aaahhhhhh , makes your toes tingle.
  9. i know x is not addictive but.....

    Having been there done that with withdrawal, (years of rampant disgusting partying) my advice to you is get busy. The first two years of being sober are the hardest. Yes I said two YEARS. It's not the drug your addicted to at this point. (you said you'd be clean for 6 months now) It's that old feeling of being unbeatable of have happiness at your fingertips. That fabulous feeling that surges through you and makes you think 'Oh my GOD LIFE IS SOOOOOO WONDERFUL'. It's possible to get that without drugs. I didn't think it ever would be but it is. the key is do al those things in life you always wanted to but never go around to. When you get out of work, just keep your self busy. Take your baby out to the park or museums out to see plays and the circus. Take pictures, make collages anything to keep yourself occupied. good luck, I have Faith
  10. Very important question

    Oh my GOD DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT MIX maoi's with ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! I was an epileptic for quite a while and on a very powerful MAOI and you have to be SOOOOOO incredibly careful about what you take. When I first started taking it (i was on it for 5 years) I didn't really know the effects until i took an overthe counter cold drugs and ended up in the hospital from liver failure. There are warnings on nearly every over the counter drug out there and DO NOT mix ANY extracurricular drug with an MAOI. I never noticed any bad side effects from smoking pot with it in the five years but......why risk it. With MAOI's it depends what it is mixed with but you can have not so serious effects, (kidney, bladder colon infections.) to REALLY SERIOUS effects, (kidney,liver, heart respitory FAILURE) I you're on (prescribed to an MAOI) there is somthing seroius going on with your body, these drugs aren't just handed out. so get that fixed before playing with anything else.
  11. there's really no way to 'flush' the THC from your system but you can hinder the test from picking it up. Very acidic drinks (lots of them) make your urine tougher to read, not sure the reason why. Lots of Cranberry juice or if you can stand it a liter of apple cider vinegar. Drink tons of liquids.
  12. truth serum or more bullshit?

    it depends who I'm around. close friends normally a truth serum. a stranger i want something from the biggest bullshitter you ever met.
  13. whats the deal with g

    You sound like an addict cry-baby that doesn't know what he's talking about and doesn't want to be told drugs arte 'bad' Who do you think you are? 'Street knowledge' is what you learn from living this shit. It is half of the schooling. Most of what I have learned about drugs comes from MY 'street knowledge'. The other half is from books. Yeah it may be copied but who says it best but the expert. I commend E-tarded from taking it straight from the book how else do you learn the scientific part. I've helped a lot of fucking friends from my 'street knowledge' and saved some lives from what I learned in books and on the net. I'm sure E-tarded has to. So fuck off with your negative comments and don't down other people's desire to learn.
  14. Which do you prefer???

    my bf's apartment has really thin walls and old people on one side young family peep's on the other. My man is good. He's so SWEEEET...... poor baby I try to keep quiet (we've had complaints logged) but that poor guy has scars on his back. I bit my lip once so I wouldn't scream and oh god damn did that HURT!!!
  15. who would be willing to......

    That's what fantasies are for so you don't go and FUCK up a really great relationship. It's ok to look and drool (so long as you're not to obvious and rude) but why give up happiness, companionship and being completely comfortable just for one night with a pretty face.