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    Im a BRONX baby!!
  1. Kissing after Munching?

    When a guy kisses me after..this just might be favorite thing in the whole world... I even like to touch her together and we both lick my fingers.. WHOA !!! Talk about turn on... :)
  2. holy shit....what color thongs are you wearing today???? LMAO
  3. OHHHH MYYYYY...trouble makers....but it IS sooo much FUN.. :)
  4. Hot Damn!!! This SHagfest Is Gonna Get OLD SKOOL!!!!

    I had to jump in on this... REAL SEX queens...just know that they are...no need to get all defensive about other queens... and seriously guys..its a DAMN message board... I will always be a REAL SEX QUEEN..and I have been around quite awhile...so I can say that.. :)
  5. ~shagfest 2002~

    I believe that I was in full attendance last year...perhaps this year AGAIN..I love to cum... :eek:
  6. again ?????? whoaaaaa!!! IM SO THERE...
  7. Which do you prefer..sex in the

    At night baby...
  8. dancing sober

    Cause you are my girl!!!!! LOL.. me on the other hand..well i like my stuff...LMAO..but sober Ive done as well....cant stay dancing hard as long..but still have fun...
  9. Nice Position? (pic inside)

    This is my favorite!!!!!! are you kidding me...
  10. OMG!!!! LMAO!!!! :laugh:
  11. First Club you went to...

    I was 16 and i went to Limelight....i was such a dork..i was with some girlfriends who were 18+ but when the guy looked at my ID..and asked me how old I was..i told him 16...lol... nevertheless...got in...and was quite amazed...have LOVED a good club ever since...
  12. Ladies: Victorias Secret V-string underwear...

    And YOU are a professional on panties??? oh wait..of course you are..you big SLUT!!! :laugh:
  13. As of 3:00pm This afternoon...

    Are you taking applications for a new psychotic woman ??? Im feeling alittle crazy lately... good luck sweetie
  14. Ladies: Victorias Secret V-string underwear...

    I love this NEW panty...but i only wear thongs so this really is no different ...BUT they look pretty as shit on...