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  1. DANNY TENAGLIA'S "Be Yourself" West Coast Tour San Francisco - Oct. 26 Seattle - Oct. 27 Los Angeles - Oct. 31 ** Win an all-expenses paid trip for two to lovely San Francisco to see DT courtesy of Release SF. Airfare, hotel, dinner, drinks, limo service, and VIP pass to the show are included. ** Register to win at www.releasesf.com PS: i'm not a promoter, my bf just finished designing the contest's page and i thought you clubnyc'ers would want first notice of the contest before it's published!
  2. Anyone play with the new Calendar yet?

    ees cool but i don't like having to click in to see who's birthday it is. on the beta ver of this board it just showed the username's birthday up front... i don't expect too many birthdays all on one day if it's for organization...
  3. that spot is nicknamed the "taint." 'taint the balls, 'taint the ass. i laughed when you mentioned this because i've tried playing on the 'taint and my boy just laughed at me. ticklie he is. but it kinda changed the mood from sexy to comedy.
  4. H&M?????

    eww! you will never catch me in pleather. it's neither breathable nor lined and i can spot pleather a mile away.
  5. Question for the ladies out here!

    same here...
  6. Ummmmmm...do I know you??

    :: lurking ::
  7. Try out my personal website

    that option is set by the user on the client-side: Profile > Edit Options: "Show image attachments and code in Posts? Y/N." However I have mine set to "yes" and i don't even see any pictures at all. maybe it's a board software thing?
  8. DAVE- help please...

  9. DAVE- help please...

    about 100K?
  10. i'm just glad for the "ignore" feature.
  11. Lizze Hamptons 500 game - Bad Taste, or...

    i hate bad Flash.... and games that don't keep score!!
  12. Shit ...I 'M STILL PETITE !!!

    yeh... i'm 5' and wear size 0/XS. while gaining weight just makes me rounder, i have a good collection of platforms! shoes is where the height is at! notice how the asian girls always have the heels? and the bonus of being still a cute petite girl.
  13. yah, same thing just happened here. i just came back from restarting. i don't even want to check it out again to see what code crashed it. it may be a little time before the author will be employable. but persistance makes prominance!
  14. have her write the alphabet with her tongue.