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  1. vegas memorial day weekend roll call...

    palms thurs-tues ... can't wait!
  2. hey guys , i was wondering who's going to be down in vegas for memorial day ... i'm staying at the palms thurs-tuesday .... where's everyone going that weekend ... where ya stayin ? -Erica
  3. Sorority Life....

    sorority life really cracks me up , all those girls in the house ONLY pledged because MTV was there ... it's SO obvious , who pledges as a 3rd or 4th year student ? Actually i go to the University at Buffalo , our greek system sucks ass and MTV is here fimiling FRAT & Sorority life .... haha wait till you see our losers in Feb.
  4. cancun hotels

    thanks so much misk !!
  5. cancun hotels

    okay help ! my friends and i are planning on going to cancun for spring break '03 .... and we were offered someones timeshare to use , problem is i want to make sure the places we can stay in are close to the action i guess ...anyone ever hear of the royal pacific resorts or the omni ? ....... p.m. or answer with advice !!!! thankssssssss
  6. Quake 3....

    my brother is a counter strike freak , actually him and his "clan" just won # 1 team in the u.s. and are being sponsered by a company to go all around the world to compete !
  7. high class prosititutes !
  8. I so am !! 10 page paper , 3 exams this week and three finals next with no reading days ! and a damn presentation to top it all off i can't wait to go home already!
  9. Bill Clinton @ NYU today

    billy was at my school the University at Buffalo on the 10th awesome speaker. def should be back in office !
  10. ok yeah , my moms been taping it for me at school and i'm home watching it , the undercover chick is definetly a whore ... that apartment with that shitty job ?? no way .. and they're all NOT from NYC , the baracudda's make me sick it's a good laugh HAHA erica
  11. staten island !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. heyyy i'mma greekie too and i'm very offended !!! malaka !
  13. Real World Chicago

    the last real world was horrible , i hated it , this one is gonna stir up some trouble .. 3 blondes in one house ? i can't wait !!
  14. Any girls here get into clubs without ID?

    yeah , twice but at exit , actually we had our id's but they were just like go ahead girls ... and abyss once , but i guess they thought we were part of this group of girls in front of us ... haha
  15. hannukah .... and i got everything i wanted .. countdown to xmas now ..